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Friday, March 27, 2009

What's YOUR Thing?

What do YOU like to have with you when you hit the road on your motorcycle?

Beverages like hot coffee or cold water? Do you like to see and control your cell phone or music player, like the new iPhone or the many iPod models?

Are you one of the thousands of riders who are exploring the roads with a new GPS system? Garmin? Magellan? Tom Tom? Seems like there are a million models out there ? Nuvi, Zumo, Maestro (to name a few)?

What about satellite radio; are you a Sirius or Delphi or XM customer?

YOU know what you want. We?re just here to help you do it.

We really try to make it easy to find a high quality, solid, dependable and affordable way to mount GPS, digital camera, video camera, cell phone, PDA, iPhone, iPod, and other hands-free accessories for your cruiser. And we?re proud to sell the parts that give riders the best results: high-quality, good looking, sturdy, adjustable and easily mounted and removed.

To see all our USA-made products:

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