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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ducati 1098 S Superbike

Ducati 1098 S Superbike, Ducati 1098, Superbike

\Ducati 1098 S Superbike
The Ducati 1098 S superbike inherits its design and performance directly from the racetrack.

Quote from Ducati's official Website

"The 1098 S wins the 2007 Superstock World Cup Championship in its debut year - The first International title for our new Superbike."

"The priority in every step of the 1098 development has been performance first. Every system, every detail and every component has been studied and pared down to its essence and performance increased to the maximum. If it didn’t make the 1098 lighter, faster or deliver quicker lap times, it wasn’t considered."

End of quote

It is fitted with a 1099 cc engines that produces 160 hp at 9750rpm and a torque of 90.4 lb-ft (12.5 kg-m) at 8000rpm.

Photo taken by at Paris Motorcycle Show 2007.

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