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Friday, May 15, 2009

American Made Motorcycle Accessories

There are a number of motorcycle drink holders out there, but to our knowledge, none are made in the USA except ours -- the RoadRunner drink holder.

In fact, ALL of our products are made here in America!

It isn't easy to manufacture a US-made product. There is constant pressure to move production to China or Taiwan to save costs. But the products we've seen coming out of there are just not the level of quality we stake our reputation on.

Other drink holders may be priced lower than the RoadRunner. But as my mom always said: "You get what you pay for." They may last a season or two; ours will last ten (if you don't believe me, see our customer testimonials)!

If top quality and keeping jobs here in America is important to you, please tell your friends about our products.

For details on how our motorcyle drink holder comparea to others, check out this chart

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