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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Modify the style low rider never have utmost. Suzuki Skywave 2008 been owned by the Sulistio Ton's Chrome (TC) such as this, really cool abis. There are some prominent and can be spelled out quite new. For example, the front rim and rear models cutom cross the Antonius Chandra, skipper of the TC, is widely used low rider American community.

Model palangnya five runner with wide, 5 inches front and back with 7-inch lip that celong. Then, finishing with dikrom.

However, the standout of this modification is the feel of Harley-Davidson. As sepatbor front of the model width. Unfortunately, the lower lip not be a barrier cipratan water. Similarly sepatbor back the land. This second part of the plate-sized 8 mm.

Similarly muffler in the neck, there is only one pipe in the middle and up to two parsed until the end. Part two is parsed with the given pelapis pattern of air-air. After that new dikrom.

There's more nuance HD, ie, bar width constrained model. However, Antonius already take into account the pipe diameter is used, he said the fit 25 mm. Third sector, from the rim, exhaust, to a handlebar, full chrome processed.

With a neat and penggarapan this detail, when appropriate Suzuki Skywave property Sulistio won the contest as the best place in Otobursa 2009.


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