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Monday, July 27, 2009

TVS Neo Modifikasi Motor

TVS Neo Modifikasi Motor

Is a manufacturer TVS modifications, namely PT. TVS Motor Company Indonesia (TVSMCI). Who deliberately diorder to Asep Hendro skipper in the Depok. Although synonymous with the name Suzuki, AHRS was ready to modify the understanding there is only what for. Certain direction and budget modifications. Not surprisingly, many labels part of the AHRS. Deliberately not in modification the extreme, is that this is a minor modification inspiration users of TVS Neo segment the young people. In addition, the fact is surprising, "the motor with a 110 cc is intended as a stage presence of TVS in the road race at the latest by 2010" Ricko said the sales in the area test ride motorcycle TVS. As in previous years, several units available TVS that is ready to test ride in the Pekan Raya Jakarta 2009 this.
"There is already a user TVS in the area of East Java, but only a privateer" he added. TVS Motor duck complete.Because already be calculated in addition to the TVS Neo with a 110 cc, TVS rockz also present with a 125 cc. We believe, with the technology duralife will create a competitive engine. Moreover, there are benefits, I do not need to fuss manual clutch. Living off the automatic"

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