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Friday, September 11, 2009

Perception; beauty truly lies in the eye of the beholder.

My regular readers already know I have basically a one up custom bar hopper, that when given the opportunity, I will ride all day long with others whom have comfy cruisers (Geezer Gliders), Etc.

Although I am extremely satisfied with the look, and performance of my bike, I long for comfort and convenience. I have fairing, windshield, cushy seat, saddle bag envy. (I'm gettin older) almost 39.

I do love the look and performance of my Custom H.D. Sportster, but at the same time have been eyeing an H.D. Street Glide for quite some time.

Even If I sold my bike, I'd have to take out a loan to buy the Street Glide, so that isn't an option right now. I own my bike outright. Besides, I really don't want to sell my bike. I want both.

Back to the post title...
Perception; beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

One of the things we all long for in a bike is beauty. It may not be a physical cosmetic beauty.
For some of us, beauty is simply function over form. For some it's purely form, for most it is a combination of the two.

For some it's a price line. Many folks don't like Harley's like I do, and want a similar look for a more economical price line. Some also think metric cruisers are more reliable than Harleys. Some like other brands of American Iron. Some like custom choppers. Some like crotch rockets, or Hybrids like BMW RT's.

Point is, There are so many different bikes, because there are so many different perceptions in what makes a bike beautiful. I like to think I'm a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to motorcycles. I truly like and appreciate most of them. I'd have a hard time saying no to anyone giving me a motorcycle; (any motorcycle). However, I do have my favorites.

A few days ago, I had stopped at my local H.D. dealer to look at some patches. I narrowed it down to a few. I needed my jacket though to see which would physically fit and which would look best. I thought my son could come with me next trip for a second man's opinion. So, yesterday I brought my 17 Yr. old son with me to the Harley store. I brought my helmet and jacket with me. He obviously knows what my bike looks like. I wanted something that will tie the three together nicely.

I'm a big fan of custom, and yet just as big of a fan of subtlety.
This was a key in the patch selection. To my surprise, "Eye of the beholder", (I should have seen it coming), My son liked none of the patches that I had previously selected. He even went as far as to say that the one that I picked with the skull looked "childish"!

I left the store with nothing.

Let's back up a minute though to the moment when my son and I entered the dealership. Mind you, he does love bikes, and is just starting to learn a little bit about what he likes himself in a bike, and is starting to learn the differences between the different models, etc.

So we walk in, and just in front of us, immediately to my left is a brand new shiny black Street Glide. I point it out to my son, and say to him, "That is my next bike right there. It's an 09 Street Glide"! (Big fucking smile on my face, like I just bought it). He looks at me, forehead wrinkled, with a sincere look of bewilderment, and say's, "Why?", "You'd take those bags off wouldn't you?"
LOL! I go on to explain the whole comfort and convenience factor, and then he asks, if I'd sell my bike or have both. I said I'd have both.

Funny thing is there is a part of my boy young man that is growing up and said that the skull was childish, and as I get a bit older, want to hang onto that symbol of youth, and this also goes for the bike as well. There is a part of my son that wants the same things I do. We just see things so differently. Yesterday was quite an awakening moment.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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