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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MV Agusta F4CC - only one for the UK!

MV Agusta have released details the exclusive MV Agusta F4CC motorcycle masterpiece. Only 100 will be made and just only 1 will be for sale in the UK!

MV Agusta claim the F4CC is the ultimate hyper-performance superbike, with a top speed of 195mph. It has been carefully designed then hand-built using special and exotic materials.

The fairing is 100% carbon-fibre, the tailor-made filler cap comes from the aero industry. The instrument panel has customised graphics and the all-black seat is made from the exclusive Alcantara® material.

This F4CC comes with a limited edition Swiss made chronograph by Girard Perregaux (only 100 produced) together with an exclusive limited edition leather jacket by top Italian designer Trussardi. The bike is supplied with a boxed certificate of origin and the UK machine will bear the unique serial number of 10 out of 100 and is confirmed by a platinum plaque on the steering head.

The F4 frame is made from chrome molybdenum, the swing arm and frame plates are superlight magnesium. The pistons have been lightened and con-rod geometry changed. The intake and exhaust valves are still radial (a unique MV Agusta feature) but are now titanium and the intake valves are now 2mm bigger.

The new valve gear and valve seats are made by Del West, the American market leader in this sector and despite the incredibly high price of these components, they are perfect for a machine as exclusive as the F4CC.

All the protective meshes at the intake ducts and outlets at the tail are made from titanium as is the lower radiator and the four racing exhausts.

90% of the components are hand-made specifically for the F4CC, this includes the fork ends, the footpegs (shim adjustable and “filed down” to reduce weight), the upper fork yoke and gear change and brake levers, all resulting in a weight of 187 kilos.

The engine features apatented Torque Shift System, designed to increase torque in the low to midrange, while still allowing for maximum horsepower at the top of the rev range.

Fiited with 50mm forks, are Marzocchi. The forks are carbon nitride treated to decrease friction. The racing mono-shock unit can be adjusted for rebound at both high and low speeds and is aslo fitted with official Brembo Racing monoblock brakes.

The MV Agusta F4CC will soon be on display in the capital at London Superbikes, Park Lane, Mayfair.

Oh I almost forgot, the price tag £50,000!

Ride safe.

Jon Booth

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