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Friday, April 9, 2010

We never forget. We just move forward.

After the passing of our beloved Cy last November, our hears were heavy with grief and sorrow. We don't feel as though we have replaced Cy, but have filled the empty hole in our hearts and home that he left behind. We will always love and miss him dearly. We will never forget Cy. We just moved forward.

Meet the newest member of the Mr. Motorcycle family. We just adopted him this past Friday from the same rescue organization that we got Cy from, (R.A.G.O.M.) Retrieve a Golden Of Minnesota.

His name is Finn. He is 22 months young and has still got lots of puppy energy left in him.

My wife so eloquently describes him as the Master Destructor of indestructible dog toys.

I do believe some obedience training is in his very near future. (Monday 4-12-2010 for 6 weeks once a week to be exact.) He will do his training at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge with a professional and myself.

My family and I love him so much already.

Isn't he CUTE!

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