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Friday, December 10, 2010

North Korean Motorcycle

Pugang 125: The motorcycle built by starving slave laborers
It is estimated that roughly 50% of the North Korean population suffer from ... When, not if, you see your first local ad for a Pugang motorcycle, ... /Pugang-125-The-motorcycle-built-by-starving-slave-laborers

North-Korea: open for motorcycle business | Hell for Leather
29 Jul 2010 ... There's not a lot of information about the North-Korean motorcycles now available for export, but according to the spec sheet at least half ...

North Korean motorcycle company available for export - News ...
30 Jul 2010 ... North Korean motorcycles are now available for export, but there's not much official information about the models. ... /north-korean-motorcycle-company-available-for-export/

North Korean Motorcycle

North Korean Motorcycle

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