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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Foto|Gambar Modifikasi YAMAHA SCORPIO

Yamaha Scorpio Modifications specifications review:

1. Tire: BT45 110/70-17 Fr, 120/70-17 Rr BT45
2. Cast wheel: TZM Fr 2.15-17, 2.50-17 Rr
3. Home spakbor Kawasaki Ninja
4. Custom Engine guard
5. 320mm front disc TZM
6. TZM 220mm rear disc
7. Front Visor ala Ducati
8. As front-wheel drive Honda Tiger

Change that can be done to install a cast wheel Yamaha TZM in Scorpio is not a lot of change, namely:

Front Wheel:

Modifications made to the front wheels are:

* Use As wheels Honda Tiger: As the wheel Yamaha TZM seukuran smaller or Honda with Tiger, then use the shock front of the bushing needs to be done. So that the tiger does not shock oblak entered Scorpio in shock.
* Cut the rim a bit to the right: Aslinya long axis TZM wider rim around 1-1.5cm from the width of the entire Tromol Yamaha Scorpio. Therefore, it is necessary pembubutan the right side of the rim is close to the disc, more than 1.5cm.
* Create breket kaliper: as the default disk size TZM has a 320mm, then breket kaliper need to be made so that the position can kaliper with perfect sandwich disc.

Rear Wheel:

Nothing changed, only a wheel collar to adjust the left and right while the wheels straight chain. Then make breket kaliper back to disk.

The process according to the concept of the end of the BLUE, blue AEROX whitewash the rim and the side cover. I forgot dipernis so that the visible kinclong and wet look.

As a reference budget modifications:

* Cast wheel TZM ex: 1.5 - 2.3 million (depending on condition) complete with front and rear disc
* Ban BT45 new: 1.2jt/sepasang
* Installation Fee: 500 - 700rb (depending on level of difficulty)
* Cakram Set Back: 1.3jt
* BUDGET TOTAL: Rp.4.5 - 5.5jt

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