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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yamaha Scorpio Chopper Modif

Foto Gambar Yamaha Scorpio Chopper Modif

Construction Scorpio is quite high and the mode may not be for the chopper. Hence, from the middle of the back need to be made chassis the new design a bit to the bottom, including the swing arm have HONDA STEED 400.

From there the form of basic findings. Ajie immediately make a tank plus sepatbor chopper style ducktail in accordance with its genre. "Bullhorned including handlebar raiser for our own. Detail the kinds of front and back and strengthening MOGE variation in foot-feet, ie, upside down front Shockbreaker Aprilia, "said Ajie.

Final touch, choose fmm exhaust Honda Shadow that bass voice. Cleanly work full chopper Dressed up like a model worth the best modification.

As spatbort back that ducktail approach is suitable for motorcycles neat characters and does not seem wild. In fact, this modification is not a workshop specialist chopper.

To equally large the tank at the top, fiber-based false girboks quite successful, especially with boxes left and right of self-made and cleanly enough to look stout motor with the muffler design model 1-2

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