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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Motorcycle Season in Full Swing

Well, March was absolute chaos around here. Apparently all you riders have decided that you've been sitting tight - both weather-wise and financially - for long enough, and you're unleashing yourselves! We've been inundated with orders - so much so that we went backorder on two of our most in-demand parts for several days.

I know the feeling. Last week we had such unusually warm weather for Minnesota that I got my first ride of the season in - on April 1! (I was aiming for March just so I could say 'March' ...) I didn't even need gloves, it was so warm (although I DID have the Desert Dawgs rain guards on). Of course it didn't last - just long enough to REALLY make us impatient!

What warmer weather means for us is renewed emphasis on new products. We've got quite a list, but exploring new product ideas is a hell of lot more do-able when you can tinker with the things ON a bike and ride with them. (In fact, we don't sell a product unless WE have personally test-ridden them!) That's a big advantage of manufacturing in the USA. American-made motorcycle accessories like ours are also hands-down the best quality (just ask your mom - you get what you pay for!).

So keep an eye here, or subscribe to our newsletter so you'll be the first to hear asbout our newest motorcycle accessories!

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