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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2010 Bennets Babes Squad Launched

Nicola T's search for the 2010 Bennetts Babes squad is over.

The final eight were selected and went to meet 28 year old WAG Nicola T on their first photo shoot as the 2010 Bennetts Babes, before the official unveil on Sky 1’s Soccer AM.

The biking beauties are:

Hayley MacDermott, 26, from Essex
Kim Cooper, 20, from Bromley
Charlotte Toon, 21, from Coventry
Sarah Mathers, 21, from Leicestershire
Kendal O’Reilly, 20, from Bolton
Becky-Jo Hayhurst, 23, from Preston
Stephanie Hall, 22, from East Yorkshire
Rachel Louise, 22, from Guildford

Ride safe

Jon Booth

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