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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Still Cold in Some Places: Get the Motorcycle Rain Guards!

It's been cool here, but not as cool as when Ray sent us this note:

"I got the dogs yesterday. Had them on last night, and even though the weather was a balmy 6 Degrees, I was off. We do not call Vancouver "Wetcouver" for no reason. They fit beautifully. Again thank you. I had 4 people ask "what," and when I explained They said "where?" So I would expect some more orders up here, in Olympics town."

As Ray discovered, the Desert Dawgs are great for wet weather riding or cold weather riding. They will keep those cold updrafts from blasting up under your chin, and they'll keep the rain and water off your legs and feet. They even ship for FREE! Check them out.

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